Life and work at Kaera 22 - You can see authors of Skype at 3:26 using personal computer Entel created by Kaera22 crew.

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Rein Luik

Rein Luik: Thanks to his company TIW Inc (Intex Satellite SJV  manager was Jüri Malsub) were Skype authors  Jaan, Priit and Ahti able to sell their first game in Sweden in 1990.

With the collaboration between Jüri Malsub and Rein Luik an Enterprise was created in Estonia, which now is one of the world's leading satellite antennas producer.
-All of the antennas manufactured in Estonia 1995 - 2015+.

Here is Rein Luik's presentation [Estonian] "Fated steps and an interesting field"

Rein Luik
PhD. engineer, Stanford University