I, engineer Jüri Malsub, was the leader of the team where our Skype creators Jaan TallinnPriit Kasesalu and Ahti Heinla learned the bases of programming.

In the beginning of 90’s after the graduation of high school the boys started a team with Jaan Tallinn as its leader:

Jaan Tallinn has said that if we want mankind to advance further it is needed that most of the people are able to do computer programming.

Without the programming skills humanity will be at a dead end. Technology offers us an infinite amount of opportunities, yet the time itself is limited. We should use the time given to us in an efficient way. 

We need to think deeply how to use our precious time so that everyone who has finished basic school/middle school knows computer programming. If children know how to read and calculate, why can not they also know how to program?

Our plan is to retell the very first stories of how the Skype we know today started to exist.  We hope that thanks to these materials everyone can at any age and at any time find the information that helps mankind to avoid these dead ends.


To start off with, there will be some picture and video materials under Museum page. We will continue to collect them and show them to everyone.  Luckily enough, we have the rooms which are needed to store the historic materials.
   We also need help to execute the future plans. 
This is where your help is needed.  Any donation can help us (1..10...1000..)

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 We will soon update this page for futher information. 


Your help will be the foundation to the future so that the humanity can be saved from the foolishness and entropy in which it is heading towards right now. Each person needs to kill the stupidity between their two ears and keep their neighbours alive.