Welcome to Skype Museum 2019!

Are you interested to know how Skype was created? Who are the important people in progress and in what conditions had to be met in order to create it?

We are the people who know the backstory.

 Sometimes things go successfully.  The story of Skype is also like that - there is no need to make anything up.

It’s a pity when the experience goes unnoticed and vanishes.  That is why we need to start with the preservation of the happenings or it will be too late.  We need to start right now.  To start off with, there will be some picture and video materials. We will continue to collect and share them with everyone.

Everyone who has assisted with the creation of Skype or anyone who is a user of Skype is welcomed to lend us a helping hand.  We need you.

As the page is still in making, we will update www.SkypeMuseum.com in order to let you know how the creation of the museum is going and what have we done thanks to your donations.